Mission and Vision

Pathways of Wisconsin Inc.'s Mission:

-To value every individual with a disability regardless of their abilities or challenges

-To create individualized opportunities for paid employment and other community activities each person chooses

-To enable the individual to be a respected and productive member of the community

-To provide quality, person-centered support in a way that increase people’s independence and capacity to advocate for themselves

Our Vision for the people Pathways serves is that they will:

-have an identity beyond their disability,

-be respected, participating members of their community and have a presence in a variety of places in the community,

-have relationships and natural supports outside the disability service system,

-have good work skills, a strong resume, an equal opportunity to work, and the jobs they want,

-be safe at all times, and

-be able to advocate for themselves and live/work as independently as possible.

Our Vision for Downtown Madison is that it will be a place where:

-people with disabilities are seen as people first,

-people with disabilities receive a friendly, respectful greeting when they meet other people,

-a variety of employers are receptive to hiring employees with disabilities,

-it’s easy for people with mobility impairments to get around (in all seasons),

-everyone understands that people with disabilities want to do things for themselves as much as possible (and not receive “help” they don’t need), and

-the successful integration of people with disabilities will be seen as a model for the rest of Madison.