Who We Are

Pathways of Wisconsin Inc, is a non-profit vocational agency dedicated to providing, person centered, quality services to adults living with developmental disabilities in the Madison area. Pathways was founded in 1978 when the community started shifting people out of institutional settings. We continue to grow and change to meet the demands of the people we serve and their community. In 1985 Pathway's goal was to help integrate people living with disabilities into the general workforce. We work closely with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to maximize each individual’s career goals.

Pathways also offers a small day service program and community activities for those people who are in between jobs and/or do not have employment as their goal. These activities include, but are not limited to: art enrichment, movement therapy & exercise, sensory activities, and skill building. We maintain a small day service space that people may use when they are in between activities/jobs and or need a familiar safe space.

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